United Leaders Program

We are here aiming to bring together societal,  Spiritual and political leaders to discuss, support and build one another. This is to form an organisation / community of Patriotic Leaders who will help improve the country’s socio-economic standard. We shall bring local and international speakers and authors to speak, train and equip great leaders to stand boldly against issues facing thier organisation, group/ team and the nation as a whole.  This is where also us as Learn2Things identity, develop and appoint leaders who will take care of member groups and regional teams. This program shall be rich with:

  • Collaborating Leaders and Organisations.
  • Leadership Workshops.
  • Raising and providing resources to difference making organisations and teams in and outside Learn2Things. 
  • Funding of Non-Profit Organisations.
  • Recruiting, encouraging and managing volunteers and staff.
  • Assisting organisations with events hosting needs and processes.
  • Assisting organisations with technical and office needs like Websites.
  • Developing of writing skills.
  • Publishing assistance.
  • Developing younger Leaders.

To Join go to Learn Two Things Programs

Once-off Joining Fee: R 80.00 Promo!. Due in 30 days

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