Success Affiliate Program

Success Affiliate Program is a better way to be involved whether you are in business or you aspire to be, we are also here targeting workers in different fields or level. The Online Social App to connect you with Learn2Things and it members will allow you to specify on your profile which part of success journey are you in and therefore network and enjoy activities related to you. This is the best advisory / coaching platform.  It’s a region based program to ensure that we are able to achieve our ultimate goal which is to:

  • Give you individual and dedicated assistance to grow you in your field of interest while also exposing other possibly interesting new things thereon.
  • Build a smaller team that can be reached out to or to take to them related and dedicated free events, programs and trainings.
  • Organise resources, facilities and/ or transport to collectively move you to different locations where some of the most beneficial larger audience events, programs and trainings will be hosted.
  • Have team goodies like Learn2Things t-shirts.
  • Develop active regional teams which can organise their own Learn2Things events or trainings where we would then assist with speakers /trainers, tools, equipment, online organizer platform, branding, marketing, inviting and follow ups.

This is mainly where Secrets to Success Seminar event came from,  join to get your Free Ticket!

To Join go to Learn Two Things Programs.

Once-off Joining Fee: R 60.00 Promo!. Due in 30 days.

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