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Dr. Myles Munroe

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Purpose & Potential

You are not Junk
There are many people who are being passed by because others don’t see what is in them. But God has shown me what’s in me, and I know it is in you too. My job is to stop and you say “Can you see what’s in you? Do you know your potential? Do you know that you are not just someone born in a ghetto over the hill? There’s a wealth of potential in you?

A sculptor sees so differently. They say Michelangelo used to walk around a block of marble for days- just walking around it, talking to himself. First he would see things in the rock; then he would go and take them out. Insight like that of a sculptor is seen in the Bible. When the world dumps and rejects you, and you land on the garbage heap of the world, God walks along and picks you up, He looks deep within you and sees a person of great worth. Do not accept the opinion of others because they do not see what God sees.

Excerpt from Understanding your Potential