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5 Reasons Why Most People are not Progressive

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Have you ever wondered why most people have lots of information and theory but less progress? Those suffering a disease I would call “stagnation syndrome”. Most people know how to get into a higher level of success but are not moving towards that direction. At one time they reach a certain place of success and stop right there, as a result what was once success turned into great depression. Success is not success if it’s not repeatable, it turns out to be severe failure in progress. Many people work for what you would agree it’s paying good money but they seem more like unhappy puppies and often sounds like a complainant box. It’s easy to get to taste success but impossible to maintain it if you are not progressive. Progressiveness is simple continual success. When you stop flapping your wings you are going no where but down. When you don’t move forward your burden is going to catch-up with you. Here is why people do not progress:

1. Sleeping over.
Quite often your next level of success doesn’t cost money nor energy but simply your sleep. All you need to invest in order to move forward is your sleeping time. Not even your normal sleeping hours but actually your too much sleeping. People fail this one simple principle; wake up and work on your dreams, be practical with what you know and believe on. How dare you value staying in bed over that which got you a bed in the first place.

2. Lack of self-development and growth.
It amazing how we jump and run through the street complaining that rates are growing, fees are growing, fuel price is growing but my salary is not growing, but wait; are you growing? Unfortunately no one is prepared to buy an outdated asset in case you think of jumping the ship; what do you have to offer that the next person doesn’t?  It funny how we find it important for the children and our younger siblings to learn that we find it worth while to spend R40 000 a year to take them through school but you don’t see it important for you to grow proportionally. The problems is while they’re there growing eventually you can’t afford their demands because you don’t grow! As a result they drop out and you’re accountable for them failing because you failed yourself in the first place.  Sometimes the best thing you can do to your loved ones is what you can do to yourself.

3. Fear to take a risk.
Some people know that their current occupation is the main reason they don’t move forward and the situation is desperately not changing. However they’re not doing what it takes to break out. Out of fear they’re convicted of a saying; “better is the devil you know”. The truth is you’re frightened to move on because you fear new challenges, new environments, or to suspiciously betray your boss and so on. You need to be brave and take a risk to jump into a deep end where you either swim or you sink and die.

4. Disbelief in yourself
At times you find that the only thing standing between you and the next move is lack of determination. It only takes you to instruct your system. Self-belief is when you program your mind to say; “I will do this” and eventually your mind will psychologically instruct your body mechanism to produce the results. Everything in life is moved  by application of a certain force, often negative external force takes over in the absence of positive internal one.

5. Excuses
One thing I know about excuses is that there will always be more than enough. You will always find excuses not to do something (there’s always one in a million of reasons not to do it). Excuses are the external forces that restrict you from moving forward. It’s a negative influence that says; it’s too early,  who are you, it’s not going to work, it’s impossible, you will regret later and so on… Honestly it’s up to you to choose if you are going to listen to all of that or persist. Success comes to those who don’t give in to excuses because once you do now you will forever do.

Last but not listed is to say; tomorrow. Well we all know that “tomorrow will never come”, the day there’s no tomorrow is the day before your death. You obviously can’t achieve your dreams then. Move now or never!